Maybe you're not in the wrong place

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One of the great things about where we work now is hearing daily chapels from a crazy-wide variety of people. One that stuck out to me emphasized the point that storms don't always mean we're in the wrong place.

Often we can lose contentment because we feel opposition, feel defeated, have a sense we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing. We think we're in the wrong place - and the problems we face are the proof we need.

Sometimes that may be right. The prophet Jonah found himself in a storm, and a lot of trouble. But it was his own disobedience that got him there. That is one case.

Jesus' disciples were in a boat, and we're overtaken by a tremendous storm. A bunch of them were fishermen by trade, so they knew storms, they knew that lake. But they were at a place where their skills were not enough.

"Don't you care if we die?" they asked Jesus.

But Jesus did care. Jesus was with them the whole time. And Jesus is the one who told them to go out in the boat. The storm was not evidence of a dumb decision, disobedience, or them doing something they shouldn't.

It was their obedience that got them in the storm. But Jesus was with them, and he did care if they died. So he did something about it.


Reflect on the storm you may be in right now.

What got you here? Was it obedience or disobedience? Are you still doing what you think God wants you to do - or have you set off on your own?

Try to re-frame the storm you face. If you are still sure you are in the boat with Jesus, and this is where he wants you, take courage.

If you think you may be wandering the wrong direction, note where you went wrong. Ask for forgiveness and ask for clarity for your next steps.


Lord of heaven and earth,
you calmed the wind,
and the storm stopped saving your disciples.
You also allowed the storm to lead Jonah, to repentance.
Help me see this storm I am in clearly.
Give me clarity.
Give me honesty - with you, and myself.
Help me see you are with me
and help me turn to you for help.

Talk to you next Thursday!


In pursuit of deep, true contentment - no matter what life throws our way.

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